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Here at The Armageddon, we believe in empowering our artists and helping to raise their profile and we do that by letting you know more about them by letting them introduce themselves to you.

Sway Tattoo // Drew Macleod

I’ve been into art since I was a kid. I was into anything creative and had a mad passion for music and art.

Art took a side step until I was a bit older during a time I was really heavily focused on music.

I always had a really strong fondness, that almost felt like home, for some of the more imaginative artwork that I saw. One of my first loves was the design of the Predator from the movie. Later on, playing the first Silent Hill as a kid, I was hooked.

As time went on there were four mainstays in my life that I always came back to for inspiration. Wes Borland, Yoji Shinkawa, Masahiro Ito and Yoshitaka Imano.

Each artist had an incredible sense of creativity.

So much time surrounding myself in all of this rekindled a desire to follow a very early career love of tattoo artistry and I found myself beginning an apprenticeship. Allowing me to stretch even further into putting permanent art inspired by all my favourites onto living canvases. Something that still blows my mind this early on.

In tattooing, led to working with Armageddon. We discussed the idea of being part of this platform that was catered towards art in its strictest sense. It was immediately an amazing concept. To have a wide collection of artists, different styles, ideas and techniques all have a place to share that art on clothing that displayed Ideas, conceived from inspirations passed down over and over again.

Any time creativity has an opportunity to be witnessed in any shape or form, on any canvas, it’s amazing.

Armageddon has created an amazing way for everyone to display all types of artwork; all types of styles and treats the creators with the utmost respect for whatever they may create.

That’s the pinnacle for me. Creativity without any boundaries.

Can’t wait to see what happens!



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