Become and Armageddon Designer

If you want to have your designs featured on Armageddon, it’s pretty simple. Just send us an email to with your designs you’d like to be featured and we will take it from there.

How do I get paid?

You have two options when working with The Armageddon, the first option is for you to tell us your price for the designs and if we are interested then we will simply set up an agreement with you and take ownership of the designs.

Option two is that your designs are hosted on the site and you will get a monthly profit share based on your designs that sell. Starting profit share for all artists is 40% however when your designs reach milestones such as 100 sales, you will get a higher percentage of the profit. This can go all of the way up to 80%

Why does the profit share start at 40%

We start our share at 40% for the artist as the majority of our profit goes towards marketing your designs. This means that we are paying to help your designs get infront of more people, which in turn will see your profit percentage go up as you hit sales milestones.

Once my designs are on The Armageddon, do I have to do anything?

No. Pretty simple really, once your designs are up on the site we handle the rest from there. 

You will automatically be contacted when someone buys your design so you can keep track of your estimated earnings and so you can be assured there is no funny business is going on.

Any more questions?

Contact the support team here:

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